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About Ozi NFL
Goffy Offline
OziNFL commissioner

Arizona Cardinals
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About Ozi NFL
Hey Guys

Firstly let me introduce myself, Im Brendon aka Goffy. Live in Sydney and been playing Madden since about '08.

I started up Ozi NFL with myself and a mate in April this year because we were sick of playing against randoms online who dont play in the spirit of the game and we found it to hard to play in US leagues or other leagues because of the time differences, and the fast advances (we're shift workers).

Since we started up we have grown to currently 14 members and have punched out our first season in Madden 13 and are currently rolling through our 2nd season.

As Chad said we're slightly different to a lot of leagues for a couple of reasons..

Firstly because our advance time is weekly not every 2 or 3 days like many other leagues. We do this because we know how hard it is for shift workers or people with families to keep up with the fast advances. In saying this if the league advances before the weekly deadline its all good :)

Secondly because we usually run 2 leagues, A Fantasy Draft league as well as a Real Rosters league . This gives people a taste of both sides of the game.

We are a small but very close community Having only a small member group everyone gets along really well and even outside our leagues there are always games being played in our Ozi Community in Madden.

We still have our league rules which are very similar to a lot of leagues, although at the same time not as stringent because we are a tighter knit community and we emphasise the respect your opponent and play for fun rules.

For Madden 25 we'll be running 3 Leagues..
The first two will be our usual 2 leagues (Fantasy Draft & Real Rosters) whilst we will also be running a 3rd that being the first 'amateur league'. We understand and appreciate that there are plenty of people who aren't as skilled as others and are sometimes always playing for 2nd or even 3rd or 4th. So we decided to run an amateur league, for those guys on the lower skill level to give them a shot at a Superbowl title.

Well thats a general rundown on Ozi NFL, Ill be getting more info into this forum soon in regards to our Madden 25 Leagues.

Hope to see you guys around the traps :)
07-08-2013 08:16 AM
Chadwiko Offline
Captain Idiot

Washington Redskins
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RE: About Ozi NFL
Great to have you guys on board. I think it's awesome for everyone involved.

07-08-2013 10:36 AM
Goffy Offline
OziNFL commissioner

Arizona Cardinals
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RE: About Ozi NFL
Absolutley :)

Thanks again for having us :)
07-08-2013 11:01 AM
Renegade_BAWSE Offline
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RE: About Ozi NFL
Nice work Goffy, i entered you as the referrer also...not sure what that means but its done!!!
07-08-2013 11:29 AM

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