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Poll: Do you want to start CFM early with preseason roster
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Yes 44.83% 13 44.83%
No 55.17% 16 55.17%
Total 29 votes 100%
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CFM start date poll
Star-lord11 Offline

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CFM start date poll
Hey guys,

There has been talk from several members in chat about starting the league prior to receiving week 1 rosters. Admins have decided to let you guys decide if we start early or wait until when we usually start the league.

For this poll, admins would need to see 22+ votes in favour of starting early before we will accept it. Reason being is we have never done this before and would like to see 2/3 of the users voting for this proposal. We have seen recent controversy with polls and the 50/50 split so a greater approval rate will be required.

Before you cast a vote, it's very important you take into account the following:

- Early start date would likely be Friday the 1st or Sunday the 3rd of September (depends on if we can fill whole league on Friday)

- Week 1 roster start date would likely be Sunday the 10th of September if the roster has dropped by this point. It may not drop that early, last year I think we started on the 16th as we were waiting for it and a patch.

- Each user would need to manually complete roster cuts if starting early

- Would be a less talented FA pool but more talented starting rosters if starting early

- Admins would need to manually edit attributes to add the roster update when it drops If starting early. This would mean some of your players will get an attribute boost and some will decrease based on the update. An example is Dak Prescott gained +3 THP and -2 SA in the update so we would edit his attributes to reflect this.

- There may be some significant roster changes after we start our league early and it could affect your team. Ie Bradford trade last madden happened week 4 of preseason. We would not implement any roster changes post league starting.

- Could be issues that aren't patched yet and if we start early, it could impact the first few games of CFM.

Essentially deciding between:

If you want to start a week or two early, you need to factor in the risk of some potential roster changes, game issues and allow the admins to edit in the attribute changes.


The safe option of starting at the same point we always have (week 1 rosters) and not risking any of the above.

Vote away.
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27-08-2017 03:43 PM
Shrubo21 Offline
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San Diego Chargers
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RE: CFM start date poll
You all have spoken and we will start the league at our regular start date when week 1 roster updates are released.


30-08-2017 05:02 PM

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