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Poll: Which option do u prefer?
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Allow owner and coach mode 75.00% 6 75.00%
Force everyone to use coach mode with a created coach 12.50% 1 12.50%
Force Everyone to use Owner Mode 12.50% 1 12.50%
Total 8 votes 100%
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Coach/Owner Mode Poll
Goffy Offline
OziNFL commissioner

Arizona Cardinals
Post: #1
Coach/Owner Mode Poll
For those who don't understand the difference:

Owner mode is much more in-depth than coach mode. You have control over marketing, finances (ticket prices, food prices, jersey prices, etc), stadium upgrades, coaching staff, etc. It also includes everything which is included in coach mode, such as roster management, player and coach upgrades. The actual gameplay is identical in coach and owner mode.

The potential downside to allowing owner mode, is that we must inherit the real life coaches. This means the teams with better coaches will have somewhat of an edge in developing their team. On the other hand, many people will enjoy the extra depth and decision making in owner mode.

So, the question is, do we force everyone to use coach mode, with a created coach? Or, do we allow a mixture of owners and coaches and let each individual decide which is best for them?

Please vote.

Feel free to comment in the thread.
29-08-2013 07:12 AM
Renegade_BAWSE Offline
Junior Member

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RE: Coach/Owner Mode Poll
Whoever keeps voting for forced coach mode obviously cant handle running a franchise....
29-08-2013 05:50 PM
Goffy Offline
OziNFL commissioner

Arizona Cardinals
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RE: Coach/Owner Mode Poll
Coach and Owner mode will be allowed in this league...

Also because this is Fantasy Draft we will be not putting any restrictions on teams relocating to other locations...

More soon..
02-09-2013 01:12 PM

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