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Doc sports
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Doc sports
If there is anyone out here who likes to have a punt, I'm about to purchase a months worth of college basketball tips from doc sports with 7 mates from work: http://www.docsports.com

Basically each day they provide tips on college basketball and rate the tips in units from 1-8. Naturally the more units the better they think the bet it. They suggest you set up a guide of say $10 per unit. So say there is a 5 unit bet you put $50 on it etc.

The guy we use, Robert ferringo usually hits around 60-65% of his bets over the college basketball season. So the way to bet is to basically bet on everything and slowly build your winnings.

I had good success with him last year and have decided to give it a crack again this year.

If you are interested in obtaining these bets, it's around $450 Aus for the months but it works out about $50 each cause of the amount of people already on board.

I've also set up a syndicate with the guys from work where everyone puts in the $50 for the tips plus whatever $$$ they can afford (minimum most have put is $200). ATM we have around $2300 in the kitty to bet with over the month.

Essentially I will automatically place every bet from the tips provided through a new Sportsbet account. We will start off at $20 per unit and reevaluate after the first week. Any winnings at the end of the month will be devided amongst everyone. Your return will be based the % stake you put into the syndicate to start. I.e you put in 10% of the kitty you get 10% of the returns.

So if anyone is interested in the tips or wants the tips plus joining the syndicate, send me a PM. Be warned though, there's been times I've lost money through this and it's not guaranteed that you will make money, after all it's called gambling for a reason.
30-12-2016 03:13 PM
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RE: Doc sports
whats with all the spam lately


01-01-2017 07:32 PM
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RE: Doc sports
01-01-2017 08:09 PM
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