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Draft Class 14 Award Winners
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Draft Class 14 Award Winners
This will be the first draft class for our first year of Franchise. So with that in mind there is a photo of the Heisman Trophy Winner (and the top 5) and All the Major Awards in College Football and the top 10 in each Category! Keep in mind OVR is nothing because obviously Madden will set attributes to a scale somewhat. If he is a 99ovr he will be a good pick but obviously NFL>College Lol. This should now force everyone to have to scout as this was a simmed season with no human interaction. Injuries, good seasons by a :crab: ect and many other things can affect the draft.

[url=[Image: V8dVTQYs.jpg]]Best Defensive Back Award[/url]
[url=[Image: 7tAavMVs.jpg]]Best Linebacker Award[/url]
[url=[Image: HP8Jtpms.jpg]]Best DefensiveLineman[/url]
[url=[Image: vu0VKjqs.jpg]]Best Center Award[/url]
[url=[Image: OMJWahys.jpg]]Best Offensive Lineman [/url]
[url=[Image: 0BT7XZes.jpg]]Best TightEnd Award[/url]
[url=[Image: i3Chd4Ns.jpg]]Best WR Award[/url]
[url=[Image: 8WY8St8s.jpg]]Best RB Award[/url]
[url=[Image: BwKCiZXs.jpg]]Best QB[/url]

[url=[Image: 8026WZSs.jpg]]Best Defensive Lineman/Linebacker[/url]
[url=[Image: Gd6NHaws.jpg]]Defensive Player of the Year Award[/url]
[url=[Image: ntYNu9Ks.jpg]]Best Quarterback/Running Back of the Year[/url]
[url=[Image: ZmDB6Gss.jpg]]Top Offensive Player of the Year[/url]
[url=[Image: AVhDGf8s.jpg]]The Heisman Trophy[/url]
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RE: Draft Class 14 Award Winners
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