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League Specific Rules
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League Specific Rules
Game Scheduling:

We aren't strict on game scheduling, but expect members to play at least 1 game a week to ensure the league flows smoothly. Leagues are set to advances on Sundays(unless done earlier) but we are flexible.

* This is a SIM league, efforts should be made to emulate what we see on NFL Sunday. We expect all owners to refrain from exploiting weaknesses in the game that causes unfair advantages over your opponent.

* Mix up your plays & player statistics. Avoid running the same exact play out of the same formation continuously every game. Your WR/TE may be the best in the league, but you shouldn't throw to him 15+ times a game. You will have more success and fun by mixing up your play calling.

* Sportsmanship - Play with class, if you are up by 21+ points in 4th quarter, play to end the game, not run up the score. Remember, this is video game, we are all competitive, we all want to win, and we all take this seriously. But at the end of the day, this is just a video game and a hobby for us. So, regardless of what happens on the field, please treat league members with mutual respect. Racking up Huge scores will not be looked upon well.

* This league supports realistic decision making on 4th down. Most 4th downs will involve a punt or a FG attempt. These are examples of realistic situations where leaving the offense on the field for 4th down is acceptable:

1. If you are trailing late in the game and at risk of running out of time.
2. When you are 4th and short (<2yds) in your opponents territory, but out of your field goal kicker's range.
3. Anytime you are down by 4 possessions or more.

* This league expects you to Kick the Field Goal on most 4th downs when in field goal range. If you are in field goal range you should kick the field goal, unless you are in a situation where a FG will not be good enough for the win.

* This league expects you to Punt on most 4th downs. If you need to score on all remaining possessions to tie or win in the time remaining, you should go for it or can fake the punt in effort to tie or win the game.

* No Constantly going for 2 pnt conversions unless the situation calls for it ie down by 2 or 5 points after a touchdown..

* Onside Kicks are allowed when you need to score on each remaining possession to tie or win. Surprise onside kicks are never allowed for any reason.

CPU Games

* We expect you to play CPU games no different then if your opponent were human. This means if you get up big you run the ball.
We expect to see a good balance of run/pass. No stats padding by using the same players for receiving etc to break league game records. Any violation of these rules will be handled no differently then if you were playing a human.

* Basically play the game as its played in real life.

* If you are going away for a few days you MUST put your team into Auto mode which will not hold up the game for everyone else..

* No abusing members

* Most of all HAVE FUN. We are not a serious league like others, just a bunch of Aussies who want to play an online league with other Aussies HOWEVER Complaints and disagreements are inevitable. Any Complaints or disagreements should be made known to Brendon(Goffy-US on PSN) or (Goffy) through this forum.


All CPU Trades After that MUST be approved before put through to ensure there is no Dodginess going on. Use the Trading section of the forum to post ur Trade proposal and it will be considered by the Admin Panel and given the Green/Red Light.


All Relocations MUST be approved by the Commish and Committee before going through.

League Specific Rules

LEVEL: All Pro

TIME: 7 Minute Quarters



TRADING: On with Approval via Admin Panel.. (See section above)











May be adjusted as Neccessary.
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