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Madden Rattings Explained
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Exclamation Madden Rattings Explained
Madden Rattings Explained
This isn't official but i have done a cut n paste from different forums who had guys who did detailed research.
Take this as you will, I'm sure you al may have different veiws.

SPEED - the maximum straight line speed of the player
AGILITY - how speed is sustained through changing direction (low agility, speed reduces more when changing direction)
ACCELERATION - the rate at which a player reaches maximum speed
PHYSICAL GRADE - average of speed, agility and acceleration for the position group

INTANGIBLE - increases the chance of lucky plays such as catching a batted ball

AWARENESS - effects the outcome of all user acted abilities (e.g. strip ball ability increased, leading the passer in a direction, increased vibration due to pass rush pressure) also increases the reaction time of the player to the play
- Used in combination with physical ratings to determine pass trajectory.
- Determines the decision made on option routes.
- Determines QB’s reaction time when scrambling.
- Determines QB’s recognition of threats in the pocket
- Determines if a QB can throw a ball away.

PLAY RECOGNITION - the ability to recognise if its a pass or a run and direction of the run and the reaction to screen plays

PASS BLOCKING - reduces chance of a successful power/finesse move
RUN BLOCKING - slightly increases the reactiveness of the blocking AI to changes in direction of the runner
STRENGTH - increases chance of pancake (Oline), increases chance of power move (Dline) increases chance of truck, stiff arm, and increases rate of fall forward (ball carrier)

THROW POWER RATTING (THP) affects the speed at which the ball is thrown for each of the passing trajectories. A strong-armed QB can get deeper throws to receivers faster, helping avoid interceptions and incompletions.

The THP takes into account the weather conditions when determining the power behind throws. The wetter the conditions, the less power your QB’s will have behind their throws.

- Short Accuracy – rating is the accuracy percentage of the QB on throws under 20 yards.
- Medium Accuracy – rating is the accuracy percentage of the QB on throws of 20-40 yards.
- Deep Accuracy – rating is the accuracy percentage of the QB on throws greater than 40 yards.

CATCHING - the ability of a player to catch the ball (affected by multipliers)

CATCH IN TRAFFIC- multiplier effect on default catch rating when caught in contact (e.g. catch 85, catch in traffic 60 - player will catch in open at ease, but will have negative effect when catching in traffic 60 will decrease the original 85; catch 85, catch in traffic 99 - player will catch in open at ease, and when in traffic will sustain this 85 catching almost 100% of the time)

SPECTACULAR CATCH - multiplier effect on default catch rating when caught near sidelines. Also increases chance of one handed or diving catch animation. (e.g. catching 85 with spectacular catch 60 - player will catch the ball at ease, but won't have a high chance at getting feet down; catch 85 with spectacular 99 - player will get feet down consistently and sustain catching 85 ability.
It is important to remember catching is still the main stat, as with catching 1 and spectacular 99, player will drop the ball consistently, even if his feet are down in bounds.

ROUTE RUNNING - increases the rate of cuts and creates more separation from defender.

RELEASE - increases the chance of beating the press coverage for a receiver

INJURY - effects the rate of inury
TOUGHNESS - effects the return rate of injury
STAMINA - reduces fatigue

BLOCK SHEDDING - increases the ability for the player to disengage a block and move sideways or backwards away from the block, but won't effect ability to push past a block downwards
POWER MOVES - increases chance of player shedding the block downwards, also increases success rate of power moves when activated with right stick
FINESSE MOVES - increases chance of player shedding the block downwards, also increases success rate of finesse moves when activated with right stick
PURSUIT - increases reaction to change of direction of offensive player, and increases speed in vicinity of tackle

TACKLE - increases success rate of tackle
HIT POWER - increases chance of injury during tackle, also increases chance of fumble when hit stick activated

BALL CARRIER VISION - decreases rate of engaging in own team blocks, and increases "slipperyness" when moving in between tight hole without hitting your own blocker and falling over, also early results of an increase in the run blocking AI of offensive linemen.
TRUCKING - increases chance of falling forward and breaking tackles using truck stick activation
STIFF ARM - increases chance of falling foward and breaking tackle using stiff arm activation
JUKE MOVE - increases distance of duke, and chance of defender being "shaken" and stuttering their feet
SPIN MOVE - increases spin activation and chance of defender being "shaken"
ELUSIVENESS - decreases chance of tackle being successful

Consistency and Confidence
Two important traits in Madden NFL are Consistency and Confidence. Consistency determines how likely a player is going to perform at a level close to their ratings, while Confidence determines how much a player’s ratings will change when their Consistency rating is taken into account.
In the offseason, players who have the potential to improve their Consistency or other traitshave a chance to progress those ratings.

Effects of Consistency
Players that enter a game on a hot or cold streak have increased or decreased ratings for that game. The amount they change depends on their Consistency rating.

Hot and Cold Streaks
If a player had a great game, they are on a hot streak and will have an icon show up next to them on the rosters and stats screens. If they play poorly, they’ll be on a cold streak and display that icon. If they have a decent to good game, they are given a confidence value reflecting that.

Change Predictability Trait
If a player does not have the trait, they are 'unpredictable', which means they can retire before expected, or decide to become a free agent even if you offer them money then what they are worth.

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