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OzeSports CFM18 Season 1 Start Up
Bretty Offline
M18 New England Patriots

New England Patriots
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OzeSports CFM18 Season 1 Start Up
Hi Gents,

We have a plan of attack for our CFM start up.

The latest "Starting Week" Roster Update will happen Friday during the day our time.
Saturday the 9th of September
We will start the league & will be sending invites on the console & or the password out during Friday & Saturday.

You will enter as the coach at the start of Preseason Week 1
(FYI - Don't Expect to be able to do your Practice Until Week 2 & Yes everyone is in the same position)

We are doing CREATED COACHES ONLY. No Use of Real Life existing coaches accepted
This is the fair way so everyone will start at level 0 We expect you to be set up & ready to go by Sunday Midday.

Under no circumstances will you be able to sign any Free Agents!
We will be holding a Free Agent Draft details are found here FA Draft

Its in your best interest to be set up & sign up so you can review available Free Agents & cut your rosters down to 53 men before Sunday.
Having your roster at 53 is important as you dont want to be worrying about that while we move through the preseason weeks

Please remember to follow the rules on editing players positions

The following list is the ONLY position changes allowed in the franchise. Any position changes made that aren't in the following list, will result in punishment, specifically having to cut the player:
O Line can be changed to anywhere along O Line
D Line can be changed to anywhere along D Line
OLB to DE and vice versa
MLB to OLB and vice versa
FS to SS and vice versa

A player cannot change position groups constantly and 1x position change per player a season Allowed. eg) Defensive line to Linebackers

No playing out of position in the starting line up shown in your Depth Chart.
No CBs playing Safety & No DLine at Linebacker or Line Backer at DLine

E.g.) OLBs Starting at DE, or DEs Starting at OLB. You can Change Their Position officially so do it and Leave It!

Please note that means continual changes across the OLine are allowed.

Preseason will start at Sunday 18:00 AEST (Sydney Melbs Time)
We will roll over to Pre-Season Week Two at 18:00 and we will allow 20 Minutes for the First Practice to be completed.

Advance from Preseason Week 2 to Week 3 will be at 18:20 and moving forward each advancement will be every 5 minutes.
The expectation is that you will Simulate your Training Sessions after completing them for Gold in the 20 Minutes in the Preseason the week before.

Please use the scheduling threads to schedule your games from 19:00 Sunday Night
OzeSports Scheduling Threads

Please take this time to read up on the CFM rules, So you are ready for Week 1 Sunday Night
OzeSports CFM League Rules


Admin x5

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05-09-2017 04:23 PM
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Tezza Offline
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New York Giants
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RE: OzeSports CFM18 Season 1 Start Up
When Is the league starting now it's not Friday? I'm away until Sunday.
08-09-2017 09:55 PM
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Bretty Offline
M18 New England Patriots

New England Patriots
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RE: OzeSports CFM18 Season 1 Start Up
We are still waiting on the roster update.
I'd say we are created & before 9am Saturday.
It's still best guess

08-09-2017 10:01 PM
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Star-lord11 Offline

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RE: OzeSports CFM18 Season 1 Start Up
League starts Sunday at 6pm tezza. Created earlier today
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09-09-2017 10:33 AM
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