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OzeSports M17 - Disconnection Logs
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M18 New England Patriots

New England Patriots
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OzeSports M17 - Disconnection Logs
Hey Gents.

A few disconnection issues have arised recently. So we are going to log the score, time and people involved.

Please remember why we play, We all enjoy fun competitive games. Please respect the time that people make to get games done.

Season 4: Week 1
Bucs & Rams
Tezza threw a pick in Q4
Score 3-3

Jags vs Falcons
Td to make it 28-0 Jags lead 2nd qtr, 1 play later disconnect

Season 4 Week 2
Jags vs Jets
Jags sack, Fumble returned for Td, xp kicked then disconnect.

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