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Poll: Which fighter should Ozesports adopt?
Mortal Kombat X
Tekken 7
Dead or Alive 5
DragonballZ Xenoverse
I don't like fighting games (im lame)
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Note: This is a public poll, other users will be able to see what you voted for.
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Ozesports Fighters (2015)
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Ozesports Fighters (2015)
Hey bros. There are some very good fighting games coming out this year and instead of buying them all, I've decided to run a poll to see what the interest is like and we can focus on getting one game so we can beat the pants off each other during Madden off seasons! Want to settle chat box disputes? Sick of someone and want to beat their ass down? Sick of that guy running too many traps? Smack them down in one of the following games! We can also run tournaments (Friday night fights?) if theres enough interest!

There are currently 4 to choose from but there it an 'other' options - please list the game title you are suggesting if you vote for this.

NOTE: Unfortunately Street Fighter 5 is not available until early 2016 so we will revisit that option that a later date.

Heres a list of the games to pick from:

Mortal Kombat X:

Quote:The ninth Mortal Kombat game brought new life to the previously struggling franchise. After taking a detour with Injustice: Gods Among Us, NetherRealm Studios is back with Mortal Kombat X, which is set in the far future. In addition to seeing older versions of your favorites, you will also get to play as new characters like Cassie Cage. Fighters now have multiple stances and can use the environments to their advantages. Of course, fatalities have not only been brought back but look as brutal as ever.

Tekken 7:

Quote:One of the more popular series, Tekken, is getting another mainline installment soon. The sequel features several major changes, including Rage Art, a powerful attack that can only be used while your health is critical. There is also a new mechanic where your combos won’t be interrupted with a counterattack even though you will still receive damage. What has us most excited is the story, which promises to end the ongoing saga between Heihachi Mishima and his family. Of course, you can also expect some new characters to play with as well.

Dead or Alive 5:

Quote:Last Round is the definitive release of Dead or Alive 5 as it will contain the biggest roster in the series to date. Along with your returning favorites, there are also new characters like Honoka and Raidou. Of course, you can also change the appearances of your fighters with hundred of customization options. Owners of the original Dead or Alive 5 release on PS3 and Xbox 360 can even transfer their DLC purchases to the PS4 and Xbox One.

Dragonball Z xeno Universe:

Quote:There is also a new Dragon Ball game coming out if you prefer a more traditional experience instead of a crossover one. In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, you get to create your very own character and have him or her travel through time to relive some of the most iconic moments from the anime. You can also play cooperativelu and competitively with dozens of popular characters once you are done with the campaign.

20-03-2015 11:19 AM
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RE: Ozesports Fighters (2015)
Not one for those sort of fighting games, now if they had a new Fight Night for PS4 I would vote for that.
20-03-2015 11:55 AM
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