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PS4 Safe Mode Loop - How to fix!
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PS4 Safe Mode Loop - How to fix!
Hey guys,

My PS4 got stuck in the dreaded Safe Mode loop today. Most the instructions around the internet advise that you will have to do a full HD restore, which means re-downloading all games, and possibly losing your game-save data.

I stumbled across a set of instructions in a comment on some random youtube video which worked for me.


If stuck in SAFE MODE loop try this it worked for me then my co-worker.
Power off PS4
Unplug PS4 let sit for a few with no power source
Plug in and Power on PS4
DO NOT PUSH PS button Let console rest at this screen for a while 5-10 min. If you listen closely you may even hear your hard drive spin a few times if not it's OK. 
After wait now press PS button
Select option 4: Restore Default Settings (Even if you get error code your system should recognize command)
You should be asked to shut down not restart PS4 so do so.

When you turn unit back on it will walk you through PS4 settings/peripherals. Once you've completed this it will load up the user screen and all the user profiles will be presented as it usually is.

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