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Poll: Do you want manual regression changes
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Yes 81.48% 22 81.48%
No 18.52% 5 18.52%
Total 27 votes 100%
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Regression Poll
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Regression Poll
Hey guys,

As you know there has been some discussion on regression:


Now is the time to decide if we are going to make manual changes to regression. After looking over several seasons, it appears the biggest issues are:

- Age of regression, 28 or 29 depending on position is too early to start losing a decent chunk of attributes.
- Safety speed not being capped like CB,HB and WR. Makes safeties lose speed rapidly and become unusable.
- QB THP regressing too fast. In madden most of the older QBs still have good THP and cannot be replicated with current system.

Here are the suggested manual fixes to these problems:

1. Drop regression age to 30 instead of 28/29. Would require manual changes of all players who regressed due to age once they have turned 28 or 29. Leave regression as is for 30 and above. As it stands, I believe only RBs can regress at 28.

2. Cap on safety speed. Ie cannot drop below 85 speed via age regression. If already below 85 cannot drop any further

3. QB THP to not decrease until the player turns 32 (presently 30 or 31 depending on players season). Also a cap of THP regression at 88 and those already below cannot drop any further. 88 is mediocre but still serviceable and could extend the shelf life of some QBs.

Please vote on the above poll as to whether you would like to endorse these changes or stick with regular regression.
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RE: Regression Poll
Manual regression wins
29-08-2017 12:53 PM

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