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M18 LAC Coach

San Diego Chargers
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League Settings :
Difficulty : All Pro | Quarter Length : 8 mins | Inj & Weather : ON | Accel Clock : 20 sec | CPU Trades : Disabled
Sliders: custom
Roster Management Guidelines
3 TE, HB, DT Rule - for depth chart purposes
5 CB, WR Rule- For depth chart purposes
Max/Min Roster Sizes - Each team needs to always have a minimum of 48 players and no more than 53 players on their roster.
Trading Rules – You can trade any player to any USER team except for your franchise players.
No Franchise players traded –These players are determined by yourself and they are two players you believe should be your franchise players.
Free Agents - Each week free agents are open to all teams. But you must imply the depth chart rules.
This is a Sim Style league.
Offensive Formations :
Play Calling - You are required to mix up with run and pass plays.
No Huddle - Anytime this can be used when your team is down.
QB Runs/Scrambles - QB can't drop back 10+ yards without pocket pressure. Snapping and rolling out instantly to get space is not allowed unless it's a designed PA Bootleg Play. QB Runs and Scrambles are a way of the NFL now... it just needs to be implemented correctly.
4th Down Rules - When faced with a 4th down situation, you should be kicking the majority of the time.
Coaches may attempt conversions when there is 2 yards or less to go. For momentum purposes.
4th Quarter Rules:
A.) The losing/trailing coach: May attempt a conversion at any point on the field if he is down 10 points or more.
B.) Losing coach: May attempt a conversion if there are less than 4 minutes left on the game-clock.
C.) Finally: Both coaches may attempt conversions at any point during Overtime.
Stat Padding/Running Up Score – Please don’t be a dick and play with some sportsmanship
Defensive Formations:
Play Calling - Mix it up! Base package for runs (man/zone/blitz) Nickel for passing (man/zone/blitz) Dime for 3rd and long situations (man/zone/blitz). Thats at least 15 different defensive plays and formations that can be utilised.
3 Man Rush Minimum - You must rush 3 defensive players on each play.
Nano's / Glitch Plays - Not tolerated at all.
Pre Snap Movement - If you manually move a player pre snap (SS,FS,CB or LB) then you must control that player until the ball is snapped.
Blitzing/Line Stacking - Blitzing is legal as long as keep it with in the normal workings of the game.
Special Teams Formations :
Kick Returns - When receiving a kick return or punt return you CAN NOT move any blockers... you can only control the guy who is receiving the ball.
Fake FG/Punts -
Think of how often we see fakes like this in the NFL. The answer is very rarely. It should be the same here.
Quitting - Quitting is not tolerated. If your opponent quits in any circumstance the will be booted immediately.
Owner Complaints - If you have a complaint regarding another owners game play or conduct please get proof!

You will have a games to play against the CPU some times so please insure you treat the CPU like yu would a USER.


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