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Team Allocations + Waiting List - OzeSports Madden 18 PS4 League
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Team Allocations + Waiting List - OzeSports Madden 18 PS4 League
The following list details teams and their owners for the OzeSports Madden 18 PS4 League.

To send the entire league a PM, use the 'PM League Members' option in the 'OzeSportsCFM' menu available at the top of the website (when viewed on a non-mobile device).

For a list of all the users PSN IDs, please click HERE

Teams are below:

AFC East
Bills: dsd
Patriots: Bretty
Dolphins: Qlderxxx
Jets: Marty

AFC North
Bengals: Zimmers
Steelers: eliteblackmamba
Ravens: TheRockJnr
Browns: Dperry

AFC South
Colts: mickj86
Texans: sharky
Titans MoonBBad
Jaguars: danialbe

AFC West
Broncos: cruzp23
Chiefs: Artmonk
Chargers: Shrubo21
Raiders: lakculv

NFC East
Cowboys: applaps
Eagles: TBA
Redskins: Chadwiko
Giants: Tezza

NFC North
Packers: Barnzy
Bears: Speedy
Lions: Jake
Vikings: Star-lord11

NFC South
Panthers: aooi
Saints: Smiths
Falcons: xBig_Papi22
Bucaneers: ZimmyJr

NFC West
Seahawks: Upupnawayy13
49ers: Mil316
Rams: robertsma
Cardinals: archibaldmayhem

If you are interested in joining the league, please contact the League Admin Team and you will be put in the queue and notified when a team becomes available for you. It is worth noting that most recently, our previous league was operating on a schedule of advancing every third day (72 hours from last advance). In the past, the vast majority of games were played 17:00 AEST - 23:00 AEST Mon-Thurs, Sat/Sun Mornings and Sunday afternoon. If, for example, you are only available 12:00 AEST - 16:00 AEST Mon-Fri and limited availability on weekend, this may not be the league for you.

Waiting List

Please Feel Free to comment in this thread for consideration for Next Available Spot in the League. This list in the same order in which these people applied to be on the waiting list, however, being the next in line does not guarantee you will get the next vacant team in the league. Hanging around the site, being active (reading PMs, replying to forum posts, joining in Chat room discussions) will heavily help your chances of getting the next team.

Following are the people on the waiting list:

(No Order)

[Image: zudVmNm.png]

"@ Jake: if my family went overseas without phones for 2 years i would be fine cos i love this league more(9:46am)"

"@ dsd: hes calling you out bro"

"@ ArtMonk: why are you shittin on the falcs so hard"
"@ ArtMonk: this is a premeditated attack"
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04-08-2017 09:30 AM
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