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Poll: What should we do regarding a punishment for Barnzy
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Hillman sits ONE regular season games, Wimbley 1 75.00% 3 75.00%
Hillman sits TWO regular season games, Wimbley 1 25.00% 1 25.00%
Hillman sits THREE regular season games, Wimbley 1 0% 0 0%
Total 4 votes 100%
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UPDATED Punishment for Barnzy
Chadwiko Offline
Captain Idiot

Washington Redskins
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Exclamation UPDATED Punishment for Barnzy
An issue has arisen where a punishment was not enforced/complied with.

As per the other thread, Barnzy was supposed to sit both Hillman and Wimbley during the playoffs.

However, his first playoff opponent (Jun) told Barnzy he was okay with Hillman playing.

Barnzy then proceeded to play BOTH Hillman and Wimbley in the playoff game.
Barnzy won the game.
Hillman got injured in the playoff game against Jun and was unavailable for the AFC conference championship against Marty.
Wimbley played in the AFC championship game too.

To me personally, Barnzy has clearly circumvented his punishment. When Jun told Barnzy he was okay with Hillman playing, Barnzy should have said 'no, he's banned, he can't play'.

Therefore, I believe a new poll about this issue is required.

Div captains, please vote accordingly ASAP.

Moon doesn't have access to this thread yet, so I contacted him directly and copy-pasted him the post + poll options.

His response is as follows;

Quote:Moon: option 2 for me Chad(22:03)
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01-01-2014 08:53 PM
Bretty Offline
M18 New England Patriots

New England Patriots
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RE: UPDATED Punishment for Barnzy
Untill I'm told other wise / corrected, I believe he cant be punished further as he wasn't officialy told of the end result of the previous Division captins verdict in time for his playoff game,

The punishment should be similar to a previous penalty = Cruz, a 1 game suspension, as both broke a record... If u want to make it felt I believe sitting the RB for 1x close divisional rival (chargers) would be sufficient.

Also I'm not too fussed of the DE's sack count, and dont feel much either way,

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01-01-2014 11:17 PM
Zimmers Offline
Posting Freak

Cincinnati Bengals
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RE: UPDATED Punishment for Barnzy
Barnz please sit Hillman and Wimbley next game. During holidays this got lost in shuffle and will be on top of things for now on. Quick, swift action will be taken regardless of who it is if necessary. Sorry for the delay to anyone this caused but as you can see there was not a lot of action on this Poll.
16-01-2014 10:05 AM
pleavitt Offline

Philadelphia Eagles
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RE: UPDATED Punishment for Barnzy
quick thoughts:
barnz originally had to sit hillman for playoffs, so potentially 1 or more important games now he has to sit him for only 1 game. barnz wins.

cruz got 1 game coz he was new and he was not aware that breaking records vs cpu broke the "dont be a cunt" rule, hence the light sentence. Whereas barnz has a history of doin shady stuff (see cut/resign of marshall in m13). apples != oranges.

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