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Poll: What to do for next season?
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Continue as is 40.00% 8 40.00%
Reboot 30.00% 6 30.00%
I will stay either way 25.00% 5 25.00%
I will leave either way 5.00% 1 5.00%
Total 20 votes 100%
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Upcoming Season
eliteblackmamba Offline
Senior Member

Post: #1
Upcoming Season
Hey guys,

We are currently at the backend of season 4 and have seen a decline in numbers/activity.

The admins have been discussing what to do next season.

Either way we would like to get an idea of numbers for next season.

Options are;

A) Carry on as is.
People have put time into teams and may want to continue with them which is fair enough.

B) Reboot.
Gives guys a chance to use fan teams.
Updated Rosters.
Fresh Start.

Feel free to voice any ideas or concerns.

We want to hear what you think and what you would like for next season lads!

You can vote on more than one option.
This will allow us to see where everyone stands.

Edit: please vote that you will continue either way if that is the case.
If you only vote for one option it is assumed you will leave if it is not chosen.

Admin x5
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17-03-2017 04:11 PM
lakculv Offline
Senior Member

Oakland Raiders
Post: #2
RE: Upcoming Season
Should trial using standard playbooks
17-03-2017 05:31 PM
Zimmers Offline
Posting Freak

Cincinnati Bengals
Post: #3
RE: Upcoming Season
Guys so if you are only voting one option does that mean you are out of it changes? Just need numbers.

I only use Standard playbook Lol
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17-03-2017 05:49 PM
eliteblackmamba Offline
Senior Member

Post: #4
RE: Upcoming Season
Id be keen for standard playbooks only

Ill stay either way.

I would prefer a reboot to use my steelers from day dot.
Also updated rosters is cool.

We are also discussing trades with cpu etc (obvs better if done in reboot)
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17-03-2017 05:53 PM
xBig_Papi22 Offline

Post: #5
RE: Upcoming Season
I voted for continue as is but I'll stay regardless.

I reckon if I started fresh again now I'd be burnt out by madden 18. Staying as is requires less effort and thought but still allows a game or 2 each week.
17-03-2017 06:47 PM
Star-lord11 Offline

Post: #6
RE: Upcoming Season
I think we will end up with more user controller teams if we restart. Myself and a few others have said they will control 2 teams if we restart. I also won't play another season if we continue as is.
17-03-2017 06:57 PM
dperry16 Offline

Post: #7
RE: Upcoming Season
My pref is to stay as is. I have some guys I've put time into that I want to continue working on.
18-03-2017 03:44 PM
Manuz2010 Offline
Junior Member

Post: #8
RE: Upcoming Season
Thanks for having me guys, I have enjoyed the season but am a bit too busy to keep up and as a result have missed too many games. All the best. Cheers
19-03-2017 05:56 AM
eliteblackmamba Offline
Senior Member

Post: #9
RE: Upcoming Season
I think we can safely say that we will continue as is
20-03-2017 12:21 PM

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