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Poll: Do you want custom XP sliders
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Yes 85.19% 23 85.19%
No 14.81% 4 14.81%
Total 27 votes 100%
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XP sliders poll
Star-lord11 Offline

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XP sliders poll
Hey guys,

It's time to vote on if we keep XP sliders the same or have custom sliders like last year.

I have done tests and also reviewed the tests conducted on operation sports and it appears that there has been some good changes with XP. Last madden most positions didn't receive enough XP to progress appropriately and we needed to pump up XP.

This madden it appears two positions (WR and FB) receive a crazy amount of XP. At most positions, a superstar dev gets around 1000xp but WR gets 1500xp which is really high. DT is the position that doesn't receive enough XP compared to other positions.

Most other positions are spot on or require a small boost. The rough proposed xp slider changes are:

FB: 90%
RB: 110%
WR: 90%
Oline: 120%
DT: 150%

Everything else left at 100%. We would review these sliders regularly and make adjustments when needed.
27-08-2017 02:28 PM
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RE: XP sliders poll
Custom XP sliders wins
29-08-2017 12:53 PM

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