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Poll: Vote wisely
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Demolish the league. 80.00% 4 80.00%
Advance to the offseason. 0% 0 0%
Make someone else the new commissioner. 0% 0 0%
Harden the "f" up shrub and sort your shit out. 20.00% 1 20.00%
Total 5 votes 100%
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fizzled out
Shrubo21 Offline
M18 LAC Coach

San Diego Chargers
Post: #1
fizzled out
I am starting a poll to determine the outcome of the league. Due to my schedule getting alot more busy at work i wont be able to keep up with the daily activities of the fantasy league. So ill put towards a few options that you all can vote on.

Thanks lads.


19-11-2014 08:47 AM
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Bretty Offline
M18 New England Patriots

New England Patriots
Post: #2
RE: fizzled out
Hey Shru,

I wouldn't put any of this on urself.
Its the way these Fantasy Leagues Go.

Hey ur n ur mate are in here but! Playing with the Big Boys now! ;)

19-11-2014 08:56 AM
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pleavitt Offline

Philadelphia Eagles
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RE: fizzled out
Classic fantasy season 1 fizzle Disapprove
22-11-2014 10:29 PM
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